How Much of a Role Do Good Schools Play Into Buyers Paying More for Homes?

notre dame high school photoOne of the most important factors families with kids consider when buying a home is whether there are good public schools nearby. A good public school will save families tens of thousands of dollars that might otherwise be spent on private schools, for one. Homes in neighborhoods with highly-rated public schools often are priced higher than homes that are not. While there may be an argument that more affluent and highly educated homeowners live in the neighborhoods with good schools, and higher test scores may accompany these homeowners’ schools, the bottom line is that home buyers still seek out these good schools, which increase property values for everyone.

The good news for those seeking to buy or sell homes in the Northeast Valley, including Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, these high-performing school districts are already in place. The schools in Northeast Valley are part of the Paradise Valley Unified School District, the Scottsdale Unified School District and Fountain Hills Unified School District. Researching these districts is easy in the Internet age, with websites such as that break down the test scores as well as the community ratings of each school district, as well as the schools themselves. Another website,, ranks the schools using criteria such as student to teacher ratio and test scores. Your realtor can also help you narrow down these choices when searching for your next home.

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