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Staging in North Scottsdale

dining room photoProfessional home stagers have an eye for design, and are able to stage a home to sell quickly.  While they have professional experience in how to show off your home’s assets, and therefore, are an invaluable resource, there are some practical tips that anyone can implement when listing their home for sale.

First, walk through each room in your home and focus on the floors.  Can a potential buyer see the flooring in each room, or do area rugs cover a large amount of your tile or hardwood?  Or, if you have carpet, is your carpet clean and in good condition?

Second, walk through each room and see if there are personal items may distract a potential buyer from looking at the actual features of your home.  For example, do you have family photos around the room?   Do you have sports paraphernalia or collections of items displayed in your room?  While these items may be things you cherish, they are distracting to buyers and may cause it to be difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.

Third, are your countertops in your kitchen and bathroom clear and free of personal items or clutter?  To show off the beautiful features of your home and the spaciousness of these important spaces, eliminating any and all non-essential items from these horizontal surfaces is a quick and easy task when staging your home for sale.

Finally, how is the lighting in each room of your home?  Are any of your lamps and fixtures missing lightbulbs?  Are all of your window treatments opened to increase natural light in your rooms?  Are your windows sparkling clean?  All of these steps are easy ways to increase the ability of buyers to notice and appreciate all of the features in your home.

Your listing agent is a fantastic resource for more ideas on how to stage your home in preparation for sale.

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