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Closed in Less Than a Week!

green belt photoI had the unfortunate task of having to sell my Mom’s house in Scottsdale, Az while she was in the hospital and also trying to find a senior apt. for her to move into. Jon and Jodi were a great team and they were exactly right on advising me this house would most likely be an investment property for someone to fix up. Therefore, they advised me to spend the time with your Mom and don’t worry about fixing up the house. They were ready when the house went on the market and we had 5 investors bidding, and they made sure they were serious investors and were there for all the house showings. Thanks to them the house sold in less than a week and they made the whole process easy for my mother and I. Closing occurred with me living out of state without a hitch. I would recommend this team to anyone!!! 11/01/2015 – msc8398

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