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How to Be a Good Neighbor

Whether you are selling your house or buying a new house, or even just settling into your newly-purchased house, you likely don’t live in the middle of nowhere.  Most of us have neighbors.  Love them or hate them, they are part of what it means to live in a neighborhood or community.  Are you a good neighbor?  And what does that really mean?  Here’s some food for thought . . . 

condo photoDo you keep your home and yards maintained?  Think about it . . . the exterior of your home is what your neighbor sees on a daily basis.  What annoys you about your least favorite neighbors’ homes?  Do those issues exist on your own?  In other words, is your yard well-kept and maintained?  Are your trees trimmed, or do they overhang the sidewalk or the fence surrounding your backyard?  Are the leaves swept off your front patio and driveway?  Is the garbage that’s blown into your yard from trash pickup day thrown back into the trash cans?  And, is the condition of the exterior of your home good?  Have you kept up on repairs?   While it may be hard to look at your home and yards objectively because you see it each and every day, taking a few minutes to look at it from your neighbors’ perspective may make all the difference.

Another way to be a good neighbor is to monitor how your noise affects their lifestyle.  Noise complaints are typically a big issue amongst neighbors.  For example, if you have a dog who barks at anything and everything, does the dog barking disrupt your neighbors’ mornings or their ability to work from home?  Forestall potential issues with your neighbors by being proactive and deal with your pet’s noise.  Another way to be proactive when it comes to noise is to give your neighbors a heads up if you’re going to have a party in the evening, for example.  A little common courtesy will go a long way with the new parents next door who may be trying to get their little one to sleep.  And if you’re the one dealing with excessive noise?  Instead of leaving a note on your neighbor’s door, try talking to them face to face.  They may not even realize they’re that noisy and may appreciate your polite request to keep the noise down.

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