Great Investment Return

From start to finish very easy to buy, hold and sell this rental property. Jon helped me buy it, get it rented and then sell it at a great return. I never even visited the home once!  Sold full price in 2 days and my investment return was great. Would definitely recommend him to either […]

Very Impressed with Jon

I was very impressed with Jon from start to finish on the sale and closing of my home. His marketing tools and expertise were beyond my expectations. His communication and quick responses were very much appreciated throughout the entire process!!  11/20/2016 – jdivozzo6

Easy Doing Business with Jon

Was very professional and gave great advice on picking the right home for our needs and for future investment/resale of the property. It was easy doing business with Jon and his staff. Would highly recommend. 11/02/2016 – annelavina1970

There Is Not a Better Realtor Out There

I can’t say enough good things about Jon Mirmelli! He listens carefully to what you want, and helps guide you through the process of picking homes to evaluate. In several cases, he steered us away from choices that he saw problems with, that I didn’t. He never pushed me towards a choice, but helped  solidify my ideas, leading to a great choice. Every time I called to texted him, he AWAYS got back to me within MINUTES. Hie attentiveness and dedication to me as a client was amazing! He attended every phase of the process to make sure that I did not run into problems. I promise you, there is not a better realtor out there, and in fact, I think he is unmatched in professionalism and dedication to his clients.  10/21/2016 – steve00752


Citrus Trees in Arizona

The desert landscape and environment here in metropolitan Phoenix is quite hospitable to a wide variety of citrus trees.  Most citrus trees do very well, and will often yield sufficient fruit for you, and all of your neighbors.  But some varieties of citrus do better than others given the hot summers here in the Valley of the Sun.

lemon treeGenerally speaking, Valencia oranges and Arizona Sweets are more hardy than navel or blood orange trees.  Most citrus trees need to be five to six years old before they start producing a generous crop of fruit.  Moreover, different types of citrus trees grow at different rates, and sweeter fruit grow slower than less sweet fruit.  Which is why you’ll often see an overabundance of lemons.

Citrus trees do need diligent care and maintenance to thrive.  First, citrus trees really aren’t trees, but are bushes that are trimmed to look like trees.  If they are left to their own devices, they grow big and bushy, and actually will produce more and better quality fruit.  But for aesthetic reasons, citrus trees are pruned to look like trees.  Another quirk about citrus trees in Arizona is that because they are pruned and their trunks are exposed, they are at risk for sunburn.  Therefore, the trunks of citrus trees in Arizona are often painted white for protection against sun damage (which cuts off the flow of nutrients and water to the tree).

The feeding and watering of citrus trees is critical to producing a higher yield of fruit.  A high-nitrogen fertilizer three times a year plus generous watering throughout the year are requirements or citrus trees.  Citrus trees require several hundred gallons of water about twice a week in the summer months.  If you are interested in conserving water, a dwarf citrus tree or a smaller container citrus tree may be more your speed.

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