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Citrus Trees in Arizona

The desert landscape and environment here in metropolitan Phoenix is quite hospitable to a wide variety of citrus trees.  Most citrus trees do very well, and will often yield sufficient fruit for you, and all of your neighbors.  But some varieties of citrus do better than others given the hot summers here in the Valley of the Sun.

lemon treeGenerally speaking, Valencia oranges and Arizona Sweets are more hardy than navel or blood orange trees.  Most citrus trees need to be five to six years old before they start producing a generous crop of fruit.  Moreover, different types of citrus trees grow at different rates, and sweeter fruit grow slower than less sweet fruit.  Which is why you’ll often see an overabundance of lemons.

Citrus trees do need diligent care and maintenance to thrive.  First, citrus trees really aren’t trees, but are bushes that are trimmed to look like trees.  If they are left to their own devices, they grow big and bushy, and actually will produce more and better quality fruit.  But for aesthetic reasons, citrus trees are pruned to look like trees.  Another quirk about citrus trees in Arizona is that because they are pruned and their trunks are exposed, they are at risk for sunburn.  Therefore, the trunks of citrus trees in Arizona are often painted white for protection against sun damage (which cuts off the flow of nutrients and water to the tree).

The feeding and watering of citrus trees is critical to producing a higher yield of fruit.  A high-nitrogen fertilizer three times a year plus generous watering throughout the year are requirements or citrus trees.  Citrus trees require several hundred gallons of water about twice a week in the summer months.  If you are interested in conserving water, a dwarf citrus tree or a smaller container citrus tree may be more your speed.

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Wild West Attractions

The beautiful Southwest is also home to some amazing history about the Wild West days of yore. If you’re interested in learning more about Arizona’s storied past, here are some places worth paying a visit . . .

Cave Creek Cowboy photoFor a kid-friendly attraction that’s also a perfect destination to share with your out-of-town visitors, consider checking out Rawhide. This theme park is styled after a real Wild West frontier town, complete with a general store, a saloon, a blacksmith, and a photo emporium. There are also attractions such as a petting zoo, hay rides, gold panning, a shooting gallery and live-action stunt shows. While entering Rawhide is free, there is a price per attraction (or you can buy an all-inclusive wristband). Rawhide closes for the summer, but is now open during the fall, winter and spring seasons. History buffs will enjoy Scottsdale’s Museum of the West. This well-curated museum is known for its art and memorabilia which showcases Arizona’s Wild West history. The exhibitions are regularly changed, making for a fresh viewpoint each visit. The museum also is home to a theater, sculpture courtyard as well as docent-led tours.

A fantastic day trip for those who reside in the Valley of the Sun is a few hours south to Tombstone. Known as “the town too tough to die”, this historical town is centered around the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. This two-story museum is a treasure trove of historical documents and memorabilia which describe the O.K. Corral gunfight between Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and the cowboy fugitives. The museum also is home to a reproduction of the sheriff’s office, courtroom and gallows. Also in Tombstone are the Bird Cage Theatre and the Boothill Cemetery (with its humorous headstones). Every second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the month, the Tombstone Vigilantes re-enact gunfights on Allen Street, and on the fourth Saturday of the month, shops stay open late for Tombstone at Twilight. En route back to the Valley of the Sun, consider stopping at Old Tucson Studios. This 320-acre Western town/movie set and theme park recreates the Wild West as seen in more than 300 TV shows and movies, including 3 John Wayne westerns. You’ll have your choice of performances and stunt shows, you can pan for gold, take a trail ride around the property or watch living-history presentations. Old Tucson Studios is open only on the weekends from October 1 through September 5 (closing for the month of September).

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